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I'll be makin' all of my entries public again, y'all [01 Apr 2014|06:55am]
[mood |ecstaticmy journal's back]
[music |Without Me - Eminem]

That's right.  All of y'all will get ta see my entries again.  Get ready fo' my journal's return ta the public.
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This journal is now friends only [02 Jan 2014|01:43pm]
Sorry, public.  This journal is now friends only fo' reasons I won't be gettin' inta.  The doors ta my journal are now closed ta the public.  I'm sorry it's got ta be this way but that's how it goes.  In order ta read this journal, u got ta know me.  Ta everyone else that I don't know that well on my friends list: don't worry.  I'm not bootin' u.  I'm jus not goin' ta add any one else ta my friends list.  Ta anyone in the public lookin' fo' another entry, don't look fo' another one cuz this is all u're goin' ta get.  Ta y'all that are on my friends list, I'll see y'all on the next entry.
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