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My Hood

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12 August 1984
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A'ight. Here's the 411 about me. My name's Ryan Walker but u can call me madd_skillz. I've finished my Associate's at Delta College at the end of June 2005. I've finished my last year at Central Michigan University at the beginnin' of May of 2008. I also finished my Bachelor's Degree around that time. I'm currently workin' a job ta get some work experience until I get a career. I'll hopefully have a career waitin' fo' me this year. Since I majored in Economics, I'll want my career ta center around bankin'. I'm all about movies, TV, music, and Playstation 2. I'm now about the PlayStation 3 as well. I'm also about the Wii.

I enjoy rap music. I mean rap music is so dope.

A little info on my persona, I have religion but I don't like ta get all sentimental here. 'Cause u know, religion and politics are sensitive subjects, yo.

Enough 'bout that. I started this journal as one of my ways ta chill. It's cool if u're jus playin' if u don't want ta be serious wit me. Jus don't let ur playin' around get outta hand. Word? What would be dope is if u don't be hatin'. Peace out.

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